Our Principle

SPORTFÜRSORGE provides first-class medical and legal counsel. As a top-grade professional, we believe you deserve top-grade professional support.

This is why we employ legal experts with a proven track record in all aspects of health care and the law. We specialize in medical, social security and insurance law. What’s more, we are medical specialists for rheumatology, orthopedics and trauma surgery. If you need advice on a field not listed here, just let us know. We will find the right specialist for you!

Our fees are tied to our performance – because we believe in fair play, on and off the field.


One-on-one Counseling

In the first meeting we go through the relevant medical records, at a location of your choice. It goes without saying that every conversation is strictly confidential.

Medical Examination

We examine your medical records and diagnosis. If need be, we organize additional medical examinations. We determine the degree of invalidity or work reduction and calculate the claim’s chances of success.

Legal Enforcement

When all the necessary medical data has been collected, our legal experts pursue the claim and, if necessary, commence legal action.


When our work is done, you collect payment. The exact amount depends on the degree of invalidity and insurance cover.


What You Could Expect

Here we want to give you an example of a possible payout.
Of course this calculation was based on individual circumstances and parameters and can not be claimed in a particular case.

In this case, torn cruciate ligaments led to a reduction of work capacity of 20%. A work capacity this low, entitles to a capital sum.

Statutory invalidity pension

  • Annual salary before the accident
    more than 84.000 €
  • Monthly compensation
    930.00 €
  • Full payment as capital sum
    225.000 €

Personal compensation insurance

Based on the above specified circumstances:

  • Amount insured:
    500.000 €
  • Schedule of compensation (60%)
    300.000 €
  • Impairment (30%)
    90.000 €

Individual disability insurance

These insurances differ depending on the individually insured risk and agreed amount. A former soccer player, for example, was granted a capital sum of € 1.5 million on the basis of an equivalent insurance.