Successful in Sports – Secure in Life

Many professional sportsmen sustain serious injuries in the course of their playing career. These may hinder their sporting progress and in some cases can even lead to premature retirement.
Most athletes faced with this situation don’t realize that they may be entitled to claim financial compensation that could amount to 200,000 € or more.

SPORTFÜRSORGE helps pursue that claim, professionally and with a minimum of fuss. Our fees are tied to our performance – because we believe in fair play, on and off the field.



SPORTFÜRSORGE provides first-class medical and legal counsel. As a top-grade professional, we believe you deserve top-grade professional support.

This is why we employ legal experts with a proven track record in all aspects of health care and the law. We specialize in medical, social security and insurance law. What’s more, we are medical specialists for rheumatology, orthopedics and trauma surgery.

If you need advice on a field not listed here, just let us know. We will find the right specialist for you!

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Leading Examples

SPORTFÜRSORGE assists top-ranking professional athletes from a number of different sports. Our current clients play in several of Germany’s top leagues, including the National Handball League and the National Ice Hockey League.

Every now and then we update cases and examples on our site to display SPORTFÜRSORGE’s ongoing benefits for athletes. We stay true to our motto: We stake your claim.